Five people were found murdered in their home in Aizawl on Friday night, after which a mob lynched one of the suspected perpetrators.A senior police officer said Sangliansiama and his wife Khuali, who owned the building that housed a school, their adopted six-year-old son, sister of Sangliansiama, and a young boy from a village staying with them were all found lying dead in a pool of blood tonight.The maid of the household, who witnessed the incident, survived hiding in toilet and gave details of the murder but appeared to be distraught and shaken, the officer said.Based on her accounts, it seemed three to five people were involved in the killings, the officer said, adding son of a local butcher had been arrested while the mob caught hold of another suspect and beat him to death.Tension ran high in the area.


5 found murdered in Aizawl house; suspected perpetrator lynched