Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said that his party is in straight contest with the BJP in the coming Delhi polls, as the Congress has lost its presence in the national capital.”Last time they (Congress and BJP) took us lightly, every one including media showed that we will get two or three seats….no one expected that we will win so many number of seats, no one expected that we would form the government, but this time things have changed in Delhi,” Kejriwal said. Speaking at an event on the topic — Delhi elections: Opportunities and Possibilities Of Alternative Politics, he said “Congress doesn’t have any presence, there is straight fight between Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP.” “BJP is fighting and winning elections one after the other — Lok Sabha, Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand… but coming to Delhi they are feeling breathless….” he added.Kejriwal told his supporters, “I have come from Delhi with a message that Aam Aadmi Party is winning Delhi elections, and it is winning with huge majority. You have got a sample of it during the BJP rally in Delhi yesterday, where they expected over one lakh people to attend, but media has reported that less than 30,000 people had gathered there.” He said “this shows that BJP has lost its connection with the people of Delhi.” Hitting out at BJP leaders for making personal attacks against him in the rally yesterday, Kejriwal said “this shows how afraid they are…; they are making personal comments against me, but are unable to make any comments against our 49 days rule, this shows they too certify our period of governance as the best days.”Kejriwal was in the city to attend a fund-raising lunch organised by AAP-Karnataka called ‘Lunch with Arvind’ where donors with a minimum contribution of Rs 20,000 were allowed to book their passes for the event. “I have come to Bangalore today for fund raising, we have got encouraging response, and we feel encouraged by it. AAP fights elections with transparent funding; we have proved in the country for the first time that election can be fought and won through funds that is collected transparently,” Kejriwal told reporters after the event. “We are happy that the people are confident about AAP’s victory in Delhi assembly elections;both people in Delhi and across the nation have faith in us.”

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AAP in straight contest with BJP, says Arvind Kejriwal