As the Delhi police on Wednesday submitted the autopsy report on farmer Gajendra Singh’s death at an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) rally at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, the police, in the report, blamed AAP leaders for Gajendra Singh’s death.

Delhi police blamed AAP for Gajendra Singh's death in the autopsy report. PTI

Delhi police blamed AAP for Gajendra Singh’s death in the autopsy report. PTI

In the autopsy report, the Delhi police said that they had asked AAP workers to stop cheering at the rally when Gajendra Singh had climbed the tree but they didn’t listen. This is an allegation that the Delhi police has made against AAP earlier too.

Confirming that Gajendra Singh died due to hanging, the report said that “there were seven brushes on the body due to the fall. There were no fractures. His visera has been sent for further analysis,” according to IBNLive. The report also said that the police have found two eye-witnesses who allege that Gajendra Singh was instigated to commit suicide.

The police also alleged that the Delhi government tried delaying the process of post-mortem in the case.

The post-mortem report also said that the mob had been inciting and provoking Gajendra Singh to commit suicide and AAP leaders were making provocative speeches at the rally, according to CNN-IBN. It also added that AAP leaders had been told to shift the venue of the rally.

According to Times Now, the report added that the people who had climbed the tree to save Gajendra were “untrained AAP volunteers”.

Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi, at a press conference, said that the statements of the eye-witnesses will be recorded in the case and until the investigating officer collected all the relevant information and the probe was complete, it would be wrong of him to make a statement on the allegations against AAP.

“This aspect may be looked into by the investigating officer. He will look into it if it is relevant,” Bassi said, on being questioned about the allegations against AAP.

“When an investigating officer probes an issue, he examines relevant evidence. I won’t like to speculate who the investigating officer talks to,” he said.

“Investigation must be done speedily… as soon as our investigation is complete, all the facts will be presented to you,” he told reporters.

This autopsy report blaming AAP comes just a day after Delhi police investigation into the alleged suicide of farmer Gajendra Singh hinted that the tragedy could have been the result of an accident.

AAP leaders denied the allegations and called them “laughable”, Delhi government sources told Times Now.

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