In a boost to the party ahead of Assembly polls, Aam Aadmi Party has generated Rs 2 crore through its fund-raising campaign ‘I Fund Honest Party’, within nine days of its launch. So far the party has got 5.16 crore from 17,730 donors from across the country and sympathisers from 50 nations.The party has set a target of Rs 30 crore for Assembly election, which is expected to be held next month. The party also claimed that it got a decent donation after Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an attack an AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday, but did not give any details about the same.Describing the BJP’s rally as flop, the party demanded that the BJP reveal how much money it spent on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally.The ‘I Fund Honest Party’ campaign was launched by Kejriwal on January 2 under which AAP made an appeal to donors to make a donation and appeal to at least 10 of their friends and family members to donate.The AAP chief had invited 11 people including his brother and sister to donate money. So far, at least 4,500 donors have participated in the campaign and sent and Rs 2 crore have been collected, the party said.”The #IFundHonestParty Challenge has ignited the imagination of our volunteers from across the world. Nearly everyday we get a request to approve a new, innovative fund-raising initiative,” said Pankaj Gupta, national secretary, AAP.”Many of our state and district-level colleagues are also taking the challenge and helping extend the reach,” Gupta said.The party has been undertaking a number of fund-raising programmes by its units in India and abroad, including “SelfieWithMufflerMan” in Bangalore; #FlameOfHope in UK; over 10 lunch/dinner events in Delhi assemblies; a lunch event in Lucknow and a dinner event in Mumbai.

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AAP raises Rs 2 crore through ‘I Fund Honest Party’ campaign