Firstpost is sorry to have published a story about academic dishonesty titled “Getting your PhD without the work: Buy your thesis for as low as Rs 200 from this Delhi black market.” We had published it even though our own contribution to it was small.

Firstpost_logoFirstpost_logoThis story was the result of a sting conducted by Prerna Lidhoo and Qazi Zaid, which was done for the Delhi Gazette and published online and shared on Twitter.

Firstpost failed to acknowledge the contributions made by the original authors of the sting and their work in its story, even though the final story itself was the product of further reportage on our part. We have, therefore, pulled the story from our website.

Clearly, our internal controls on this issue failed. We will put in place better safeguards against this happening in future and are sending a strong message to our staff on this score. Disregard for intellectual property and failure to acknowledge the work of others in our stories is plain and simple wrong.

We apologise sincerely to the authors and our readers for this error.



Academic dishonesty: An apology