Activist Sunitha Krishnan, who had recently kicked off a Shame the Rapist Campaign, was attacked by unidentified goons in Hyderabad today morning.

Krishnan’s car was stoned by some people smashing the rear window.

Krishnan tweeted the following:

The incident came two hours after Krishnan posted a video featuring a man sexually assaulting a woman. The video was making the rounds on WhatsApp.

As it happens in many such cases, it seems like the man had wanted the incident of assault to be filmed. He is seen smiling at the camera while disrobing his victim. The girl is heard pleading with the men filming the assault asking them to take pity on her saying nothing will be left of her life if the video is released.

Sunitha Krishnan. Image courtesy: Twitter.

Krishnan took the video and completely blurred out the victim’s face and body, highlighting the man’s face in it. She has since then been circulating the video with the man’s face clearly visible, asking people to help nab the rapist.

The video had been uploaded on YouTube on 5 February and has since then got over 16,000 views.

According to her tweet, today morning she spoke to NDTV and also gave the channel her version of video to be telecast so that the assaulter is traced and booked.

Her car was attacked soon after.

Krishnan, a rape survivor herself, heads Prajwala, an anti-trafficking organisation based out of Hyderabad. Krishnan, who was gangraped by eight men when she was 15-years-old started Prajwala in 1996 with Brother Jose Vetticatil.

In India, like sexual assault itself, filming an incident of rape is rampant and is widely used a method to silence victims. In fear of shame and social stigma several victims don’t go to the police. Krishnan’s campaign is a bold attempt to bring such criminals to the book.

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