Bangalore Police Commissioner MN Reddi on Wednesday said the teacher accused of sexually assaulting a seven-year-old school girl has been taken into custody and urged the people to maintain calm while assuring a swift probe into the case.”In the west division area of Bangalore city, there was an incident where a physical training cum general teacher is alleged to have sexually assaulted a girl of seven years old in a school. And the parents and the other locals gathered in large numbers outside the said school and demanded that justice should be instantly given to that particular person,” Reddi told the media here.”Our officers and force led by our Additional Commissioner Mr. Alok Kumar stood firm and said that we will not allow such instant justice methods and they will be booked and we will investigate and we will produce them before the court which alone has the authority to impose any penalty,” he added.Reddi, however, said that some of the unruly elements of the local area did not pay heed to the request made by the Additional Commissioner following which the force had to use tear gas and baton charged the agitators to bring the situation under control.”And some of the unruly elements of the local area did not pay heed to what our Additional Commissioner requested them and tried to convince them over microphone and said that there is no need for spoiling peace in this area. Never the less, there was a law and order situation where in there was stone throwing, bottles were thrown, the policemen were injured and we had to use tear gas and lathi charge to disperse the crowd,” said Reddi.”And I request the public of Bangalore city to keep calm, no need to pay heed to any rumours. The local area has been brought under control,” he added.

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Bangalore: Teacher accused of sexually assaulting 7-year-old girl