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Social activists on Wednesday condemned the latest case of sexual violence to emerge from a school in Bangalore, alleging that authorities are not taking the correct measures to curtail such incidents from taking place. The activists were referring to the alleged molestation of an eight year old girl by a physical education instructor in a Bangalore school. The accused has been taken into custody. “The authorities are not playing their due role to curb this sexual violence. Children in school have become a soft target to this. We haven’t really seen the scale of the crime perpetuated against women. It is really highlighted in those areas where the police crackdown is visible to the public eye,” social activist Jagmati Sangwan said. Meanwhile, Jaipur based activist Kavita Srivastava felt that despite the offender in each such incident being caught, the message against sexual violence was not being sent across. “The school is a sacred place and it is highly unfortunate that our children seem to be the most unsafe in these institutions. In Bangalore, these incidents are not ceasing, and are constantly being exposed. Even though the culprits are being caught, the message is not sent across,” she said. “When an individual faces molestation in childhood, they are scarred for life,” she added. On the backdrop of the incident, parents and the police clashed in Bangalore, with the former group attempting to deliver mob justice to the accused. The parents, who also set fire to vehicles parked outside the school premises, allege that this was not the first such offense committed by the accused. “Parents send their children to school to get education. However, this is not the first time he [the perpetrator] has molested a child. We had complained to the principal of the school about his previous misdemeanours but no action was taken against him,” Syed Mujahid, a parent said. Meanwhile, Bangalore Police Commissioner M.N. Reddi told the media that the accused has been taken into custody and urged the people to maintain calm while assuring a swift probe into the case.

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Bengaluru school molestation: Authorities not curbing sexual violence, say activists