Dr. Subramanian Swamy has a gay problem.

It’s a rather self-contradictory problem. When the Supreme Court reinstated Section 377 it grandly brushed homosexuals aside as a “minuscule minority” as if they were not important enough to merit reading down a law.

Dr. Swamy is clearly in favour of that verdict.

But he seems to spend an awful lot of energy on the pesky “minuscule” gays, and the nation wants to know why.

After the US Supreme Court marriage verdict, according to a report in ET, the law minister Sadananda Gowda apparently opened the door for reconsideration on Section 377 citing the “mood of the country”.

Within hours, faced with too much Twitter applause for a modern progressive stance, Gowda insisted he had been “totally misquoted” and there was “no idea of scrapping or doing anything about [Section 377]”.

But as if afraid that Gowda could not make it clear enough, Dr. Subramanian Swamy rushed in to speak on his behalf.

In 2013, Dr Swamy had tweeted that gays needed to go to a hospital because it was a “mental disorder”. Now it’s a “genetic disorder”. Perhaps that counts for movement in the world of Swamy and friends. Then to make matters even murkier, when he was told one must respect everyone, Dr. Swamy tweeted:

Genetic disorder? Handicap? If that is indeed the party position, then why support criminalization of homosexuality and Section 377? What other “genetic disorder” can land you in jail? What other “genetic handicap” is enshrined in the Indian Penal Code?


Subramaniam Swamy. Reuters.

This is obviously something the very busy Dr. Swamy thinks deeply about. After the 377 verdict he tweeted that he “knows” 84% of Indians disapprove of homosexuality. Without even getting into his methodology, let’s be clear about this. The issue is not about approval. Do 84% of Indians want adults thrown in jail for consensual sex in private?

As Indrajit Hazra put it succinctly then, the squint in Baba Ramdev’s left eye makes him uncomfortable.

“There’s nothing that suggests that it poses a threat to society at large. But it still makes me uncomfortable. Does this extreme discomfort make me want to seek out the law to make squinting criminal?”

Surely the Harvard-embossed Dr. Swamy gets that. But somehow he just has a gay bee in his bonnet. It’s such a busy bee that Dr. Swamy knows an enormous amount about gays and what they have been up to over the ages.

Here’s a timeline with choice selected “Swamy-isms” over the years:

Gay agenda
April 2014
Section 377 will remain and what is to be criminal used is the flaunting of sexual preference and setting up gay bars.

December 2013
In Kautilya’s Arthasastra [4.13.236] “ayoni” sex [Homosexual] is an offence and attracts a fine. Where appropriate, “danda” or prayaaschit.

May 2012
Homosexuality is a brain disorder, and can be cured sometimes.

Pop culture
December 2013
Some object to using the English word “homo”. So I came up with a Hindi alternative: Suffix ‘G’ to names of Gays.

And he has such 20/20 gaydar, he can’t help but see gays everywhere he looks.

April 2014.
Hilary Clinton got Russian money says New York Times. How much Lesbian Homo and Commie Harvardians get from Saudis?

March 2014
(Book) Another Prof Diana Eck under Section 377 for open practice of lesbianism.

At home
May 2013
Looks like most CRTs are “queer”. CRT is Swamy-speak for Congress supporters.
(Of course again if that were true then they would not exactly be a “miniscule minority” anymore. But logic can’t interfere with rants.)

May 2013
Buddhu has made being Gay as a minimum qualification for Cong membership.

At home and abroad
December 2011
If I informed you that one candidate for PM is a homosexual with a British partner resident in Delhi, would that be invasion of privacy ?

One must admit that irrespective of what the Supreme Court says about its numerical strength, Dr. Swamy gives the LGBT cause more media exposure in India than any Facebook rainbow-maker algorithm ever could. More than any gay activist in this country, Dr. Swamy seems to have a gay agenda. Of course that is his prerogative. Dr. Swamy is perfectly entitled to be as illogical and biased as he wants to be. But when he says it’s the “party position” that homosexuality is a genetic disorder, he’s upping the ante.

Is that really the “party position”? Will the BJP speak up?

The #TakeAStand hashtag wants to push political parties to come out of the closet on homosexuality. Some have opposed 377 in their manifestos, some have gone on a long and winding journey to confusion. However, as the party is indisputably in power, it’s the BJP’s stance that is of the most interest right now.

The BJP’s Shaina NC was the chief guest at the recent Kashish Queer Film Festival where she assured a cheering crowd that she would stand by them in the fight against 377. Arun Jaitley has gone on television to suggest homosexuality should not be criminalized. Nirmala Sitharaman told Femina that “whether criminalizing such actions is right or wrong is something the party is talking about, but at the moment we are not in favour of changing from the position the Supreme Court has taken.” Ram Madhav, the BJP’s general secretary, and an important figure in the RSS, caused a stir when he said while homosexuality should not be glorified, it was debatable whether it should be considered a crime.

It is wonderful that these leaders want to project the BJP as modern party not stuck in a colonial corset but it would be even more wonderful if they would #TakeAStand and speak up when a Dr. Swamy decides to speak for the entire party. Otherwise what does Arun Jaitley’s personal view on homosexuality count for when Dr. Swamy, who is not even a cabinet member, claims his missionary position as the party position? Who will then #TakeAStand and make it count?

And by the way, Dr. Swamy, if it is indeed a “genetic handicap” can gays now claim handicapped parking spots and pre-boarding on flights as well?

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Beyond the rainbow: Charting BJP leader Subramanian Swamy’s obsession with LGBTs