The BJP on Friday filed a police complaint alleging that Union Minister of State for Urban Development Babul Supriyo was heckled by Trinamool Congress supporters at Raniganj in Burdwan district after a visit to a school.BJP Asansol unit secretary Nirmal Karmakar in a complaint lodged with the Raniganj police station alleged that Supriyo was heckled by TMC supporters at Raniganj More when he came out of J K Nagar High School after talking to students about the “Swaach Bharat” campaign, police officials said.However, the secretary of the managing committee of the J K Nagar High School, Abhay Kumar Upadhay, lodged a counter-complaint with the same police station, alleging that the Union minister had forcibly entered the school, the officials said. Upadhay stated in his complaint that Supriyo, also Asansol MP, had told them that he would like to visit the school and talk to the students about the “Swaach Bharat” campaign. He claimed that the school managing committee in a letter had told Supriyo to visit the school only after January 19 as admission tests were going on in the school.Inspite of the letter, the minister today visited the school, Upadhay alleged, adding when told not to enter the school he forcibly entered and talked to students. The Union minister later told a tv channel, “I as an MP of Asansol constituency visited various schools in my area to raise awareness about hygiene and cleanliness. I got a very good response. But only in one school J K Nagar High school, an official of the school governing body opposed my visit citing various reasons.”Supriyo said, “I could sniff a political conspiracy in the letter sent to me. I still went to the school and received a huge response from students there. When I was coming out of the school some local TMC activists under a leader Jitendra blocked my car and used abusive language.” “Later on the police removed the activists. How could I be stopped from visiting a school?” the minister said.

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BJP alleges Babul Supriyo heckled by TMC supporters