The Congress also released a 48-page booklet that it called report card of Modi Sarkar 2014-15, stamped with ‘fail’ as the result. “Ek Saal, Desh Badhaal” (One year and dismayed nation).

PM Narendra Modi attends the launch of a channel for farmers.

Both the BJP and the Congress were high on semantics and the optics, as their leaders used the choicest wit, humour and poetry to attack each other on the completion of one year of NDA government. Interestingly, while the Congress was all out to spoil Modi government’s party, it looked the party was rejoicing, more than BJP, by serving high-tea to journalists and pitching a tent at its 24-Akbar Road headquarters.Responding to Prime Minister Modi’s taunt, that ‘Ache Din’ have not come for scamsters, Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad and Malik Arjun Kharge said Modi regime is one of broken promises, boastful claims, shattered dreams, a nation betrayed”, the AICC said detailing the promises and the actual performance in various fields from agriculture to industry, education to jobs and environment to exports.<!– Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Congress also come out with a documentary that ‘exposes’ the claims of the BJP and the government and the reality. While releasing a documentary depicting double side of BJP leaders, party leader Malik Arjun Kharge said government has indulged in ‘self, selfies and selfishness.’ His colleague Ghulam Nabi Azad called Modi government an event management company, saying it has been ‘Oonchi Dukan Pheka Pakwaan.’Meanwhile, Azad said that the last one year witnessed a “vicious” campaign by the BJP and the Sangh Parivar with several Union ministers and BJP leaders making controversial statements one after another. He said Modi not acting against a single minister who made objectionable statements tells its own story.Replying to PM’s claims of overworking and sleeping for just three hours, Kharge sneered, “Ghadi Ki Fursat Naheen—Dumdi Ki Amdani Naheen” (So worked up, no time for even a second, but not an income of a penny). He ended his jibes with a poetry– “Maqtal Mein Aye Who Kanjar Badal Badal Kay—Yaa Rab Kahan Sey Laoun Mein Sar Badal Badal Kay.”The Congress also released a 48-page booklet that it called report card of Modi Sarkar 2014-15, stamped with ‘fail’ as the result. “Ek Saal, Desh Badhaal” (One year and dismayed nation). PM interacts with official and party workersOne completion of his first anniversary in the office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began the day on Tuesday presiding a meeting of all the officers in the PMO and ended by visiting the BJP headquarters meeting party workers. Like in the PMO, where he had called everybody from receptionists to the SPG guards, at the party headquarter also he enquired about “peons'” and posed with them. He recalled some old party workers by name.Modi had visited the BJP office on the first weekend after he took oath as Prime Minister, last year. At the PMO, he praised officials, saying they were to share credit of all the schemes and development. He praised them for the hard work and dedication with which they are performing their duties. Modi reaches out to farmers, launches Kisan ChannelReaching out to farmers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday made a strong pitch for their prosperity and development of villages, saying it was directly linked to the progress of the country. Launching DD Kisan Channel, which would provide information about best agricultural practices and related content, the Prime Minister said that agriculture had so far been a ‘neglected’ field and there was a need to make it ‘vibrant and dynamic’.Modi, whose government has been projected by the Opposition as ‘anti-farmer, chose the occasion to highlight the NDA’s commitment to farmers and rued that they had been left to to fend for themselves.

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BJP, Congress exchanges lashed with wit and humour on NDA government anniversary