The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday rejected former union minister’s allegations against the government on the issue of the government working for corporates, stating that the crony capitalism that he talks about was the USP of the former United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government.”I think Manish Tewari seems to have a loss of memory. I think whatever he is accusing the current NDA government of were actually the problems of the UPA government of which he was a minister. The crony capitalism that he talks about is UPA’s USP in this country,” BJP spokesperson G V L Narasimha Rao told ANI here.Listing out the various scams that took place under Congress-led UPA government’s tenure, the BJP leader asked Tewari to look at his own government’s record in office before making such unfounded allegations.”The manner in which 2G licenses were issued to the friendly companies on a so called first come first serve basis. The manner in which the coal scam was perpetrated with a lot of allottes and even bogus allottes. I think Manish Tewari who continues to be a non-spokesperson of the Congress party is speaking about lot of non factual matters. I think it is important that he should really look at his own government’s record in office before making such unfounded allegations,” he added.Earlier in the day the Congress leader posted a series of tweets on his twitter handle.”Rural wages at the lowest in 10 yrs BJP in 6 months has hit poorest of the poor government By the corporates of the corporates for the corporate,” he tweeted.”If the stock market rises Govt has created a feel good factor If it falls blame everybody else. In 6 months government has deflated Indian Economy. First deflate economy then tell RBI inflation down cut interest rates So crony capitalist cohorts can fill their coffers with public money !,” he further tweeted.

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BJP rejects Manish Tewari’s allegations that government working for corporates