“The BJP-Shiv Sena government has failed on all fronts. It has just been making announcements instead of doing anything!” That was Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president Manikrao Thakare speaking to dna.Thakare said even though farmer suicides had become an everyday affair, the government had failed to provide the farm sector any relief. Instead of waiting for the central team to come and assess the situation, the government should have pro-actively announced its own relief package for farmers in order to prevent suicides.BJP had promised much during the run up to the elections, but hadn’t kept its word, he alleged. It had, for example, promised to do away with Local Body Tax (LBT). But chief minister Fadnavis has categorically stated that unless there is an alternative income source to replace LBT, it would not be possible to abolish it. This is nothing but betraying the masses, especially the trading community,” Thakare said.”Be it law and order or industries, this government has disappointed. People will soon realise that BJP and Sena cannot deliver and are only fit to sit in the opposition,” Thakare added.Dr Kumar Saptarshi, a noted political analyst and former MLA who is the founder of Yuvak Kranti Dal (Yukrand), said performance of the two-month-old government could be termed a mixed bag. According to Dr Saptarshi, it had been making too many announcements, instead, it should perform and let that speak for itself. The government had ordered inquiry into many alleged scams involving NCP leaders. At the same time, there are many in the government who had assets worth more than their known sources of income. Not inquiring how they had amassed such wealth is politically immoral, Dr Saptarshi said.According Dr Saptarshi, the Fadnavis government had done a few good things, however. Moving further in the Indu Mill memorial of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar is one. The government has filed an undertaking it would not build anything else but the memorial in the premises.On Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj memorial in Arabian Sea, Dr Saptarshi said the government, which claimed the Union environment ministry had cleared the project, must make it clear what objections the ministry had against the project before.Dr Saptarshi said the government should put MIHAN project on fast-track mode as that would reduce regional imbalance. It had done well in tabling the Kelkar panel report in the assembly, he added.

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BJP-Shiv Sena only fit to sit in opposition: Manikrao Thakare