By not forming the government in spite of getting a mandate, BJP was “hijacking” the agenda of Kashmir-based separatists aimed at creating political instability in Jammu and Kashmir, Congress alleged on Sunday.”BJP is least interested in formation of government in the state, they just want to hijack the agenda of the Hurriyat Conference to create political uncertainties and instability in Jammu and Kashmir,” senior Congress leader Sham Lal Sharma said. He was addressing youth workers of the party in Akhnoor.”People voted for a change, let them now judge how their mandate is being humiliated. Despite having the requisite numbers they failed to form a government which resulted in the imposition of the Governor’s rule in the state,” Sharma said. Sharma said that BJP has compromised with the sentiments and aspirations of the people of the Jammu region.While alleging that Jammu has been denied its due right by the Kashmir-centric politicians, he said,”Jammu will no more play second fiddle to Kashmir and our party is determined to bring a separate regional development council for Jammu and we must struggle for it together,” he said. Sharma said that the youth of the county, especially of the Jammu region, had no other option but to leave their house to search for better employment opportunities outside the state.”This is a serious concern as the youth is forced to leave their house and old parents to seek for job opportunities outside the state, the youth needs to have better employment opportunities in the Jammu region,” he said.Sharma urged the Union government to launch a special army recruitment drive in the border areas of Jammu region so that the youth from those areas get an opportunity to serve the country.

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BJP working on Hurriyat agenda in Jammu and Kashmir, alleges Congress