The app VDonor helps you search for platelet donors in your nearby area. You can also sign up to become a donor and help patients in need.

Shreya Nagpal mooted the idea that an online community of voluntary blood donors be formed so as to expedite the blood transfusion process.
India is experiencing its worst dengue outbreak in 5 years with more than 27,000 people affected by the disease and over 60 reported* deaths till September 20. Worried about the rising number of dengue cases in India, Shreya Nagpal, 14-year-old Indian girl living in California with her parents and sister, shared an idea with her dad that could help deal with the severity of the vector-borne disease.Since the prime requirement for a dengue patient with depleting platelet count is to find a blood and platelet donor, Shreya mooted an idea that an online community of voluntary blood donors be formed so as to expedite the blood transfusion process.<!– Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>This thoughtful idea, tossed over in a dinner conversation, struck a chord with Shreya’s dad Deepak. Being in the technology industry for over 15 years, he devised an idea to make an app that could connect area-wise blood donors and needy patients could reach out to the already signed up platelet donors in their locality.For Deepak, the best person to approach for this task was his old friend Sapan Babbar who runs a tech start-up in Noida. Sapan has faced the dengue fright himself when his pregnant wife was combating the disease 8 years ago. Without batting an eyelid, he took upon the daunting task and agreed to make the app free of cost. A week of labour and sleepless nights from his tech team gave birth to a breakthrough app – VDonor.
Sapan shares, “SOS messages for blood requirement keep floating around on Facebook, Whatsapp, Mails and are scattered all around, the app will help consolidate the gap and connect the blood donors and receivers on the same platform and at one’s fingertips.”Excited upon seeing the app, Shreya says, “Even if we are able to save one life through this tool, all the hard work would pay off.”Going ahead, Sapan plans a lot of improvements in the app, to make it an app that could help connect not just the blood donors but all kinds of organ donors.Here’s why you should sign up for the app and do your bit to avert dengue crisis:- It takes a minute to sign up and makes you a voluntary donor in your area.- If you or your family member is suffering from dengue, you can search for blood donors around your area in no time and call/SMS them through the app.- The app connects you with a list of verified hospitals where blood transfusion takes place.- It is truly hyperlocal and helps connect area-wise blood donors and receivers.- The app also lists symptoms, precautions and guidelines to be studied for a thorough check and prevention of dengue.- It’s simple to use and can be your go-to app at the time of need.You can download the app from Google Play Store- VDonor by Blue Cepheid (Supported by Android versions)Want to become a platelet donor? Keep these points in mind:
*Statistics based on National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme’s report, updated till September 20.
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Brainchild of a 14-year-old, this breakthrough app is helping avert dengue crisis in India