Britain was more focused on the ISIS threat than from Pakistan-based terror groups.

Britain has warned India about possible attack by ISIS and said all efforts must be taken to check activities of the Middle-East terrorist group.British officials have conveyed this to their Indian counterparts at the Indo-UK Counter Terrorism Joint Working Group meeting held in London on January 15-16. Officials said that during the meeting, India had asked Britain to impress upon Pakistan not to differentiate between “good” and “bad” terrorists in the wake of recent attack on a school in Peshawar and said that it must take a firm stand on why Pakistan had become a nursery of terrorists.”We have asked Britain to be alert about possible attack by Lashkar-e-Taiba there. Britain in turn has warned us that an attack by ISIS could take place in India,” an official said.Britain was more focused on the ISIS threat than from Pakistan-based terror groups.”Britain is petrified that a terror attack can take place on its soil by ISIS and radical elements associated with it may help the group,” the official said. British security agencies have good links with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and they feel that it is an insurance for preventing a terror attack on its soil by Pakistan-based terror groups, the official said.Four Mumbai youth had disappeared in Iraq-Syria in May 2014 and apparently joined ISIS. One of them returned in November last year and was subsequently arrested. A Bangalore-based executive was also arrested last month for operating a pro-ISIS Twitter handle to propagate the ideology of the Middle-East terrorist group. A US-returned engineer, on way to join ISIS, arrested in Hyderabad two days ago.

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Britain warns India of possible terror attack by ISIS