The man began slapping the elderly woman first after a brief argument
A video release has gripped the nation in shock and anger, in that a man is seen slapping an elderly couple over and over again. The incident was recorded by a camera in their shop in a market complex in Chandigarh where the couple sells mobile phones.What is more shocking to see is that no one bothered coming to the help of the women and her husband who were being slapped. The CCTV footage reveals disturbing visuals of a man arguing and then slapping the woman and her husband. According to reports, the man had come to speak with the couple’s son about a mobile handset. After a brief argument the man is seen attacking the woman and then her husband. At one point the woman is seen rushing to stop the attacker as he appears to assault her husband when the man smashed his own head against the elderly man’s head.The elderly man told ANI that they had no personal enmity with the attacker and had no idea why he assausted them:The woman and her husband have sever wounds and the man’s hand is fractured. According to reports the attacker has been arrested and was allegedly drunk at the time the incident happened.

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Chandigarh: CCTV captures disturbing footage of elderly couple being slapped