In the recent floods, numerous snakes have crawled out of the woodworks and found their way into homes and even aircrafts.

An aircraft seen drifted away into neighbouring forests after heavy rainfall that led to waterlogging of Chennai airport.

When the movie came out, no one thought it could actually happen. But after the Chennai floods, it looks like ‘Snakes on a Plane’ is no more just a movie title! The flood waters had inundated the airport and those who have been cleaning the aircrafts now, have been in for a rude shock. Numerous snakes had sought refuge in tyres and the underbelly of airplanes, according to news reports. A king cobra was discovered hiding in the tyres of an aircraft, but luckily the reptile didn’t cause any harm to any of the men who were working on the ground. But they reportedly managed to get it out of the tyre and it was released in a safe place.<!– Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Watch the video of the airport workers rescuing the cobra:However, in another instance, two men who were cleaning an aircraft were not so lucky, stated a regional newspaper report. While cleaning, a poisonous viper was found and the snake seemed to have been really riled up, as it bit both the men.In the recent Chennai floods, numerous snakes crawled out of the woodworks and found their way into homes and even aircrafts. However, animal rescue experts have been offering to help deal with any such instances. In the wake of Chennai floods, know your snakes. Don’t panic. Don’t kill. Identify and act. #chennaifloods #snake
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Chennai Floods: When snakes took refuge in an airplane!