Chetan Bhagat
Manit Balmiki
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Once again caught in a foot-in-mouth situation, Chetan Bhagat is facing the ire of Twitterati. This time for his tweet relating to historians returning their awards protesting the growing climate of intolerance and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s continuing silence on the matter.This is what the best-selling author had to say-What followed was nothing short of pure entertainment! The Twitterati were quick on their feet.First the usual suspects -Then came some brilliant gems -As suspected, Chetan Bhagat gave the clarification of the tweet. He was just joking, guys!He then clarified that he has no interest in the Award Wapsi thing, but was just concerned that the Western Media was getting fodder to cultivate the narrative of ‘poor backward Indians’. Bhagat finally asked his followers to wait for his column titled Anatomy of a Liberal ( We are waiting for the Twitter outrage that day) and signed off with another jibe targeted at historians branding them as ‘holy cows’.?As if that will slow down Twitter,Now waiting for the next one….(


Chetan Bhagat unaware of what historians do: Twitter reacts with hilarity