The Congress on Saturday urged the government to go deeper into the possible terror attack case which was averted by the Coast Guard and bring out the truth so that Pakistan could be embarrassed internationally. “I think the government should go deeply into this in particular; it must literally get into the bottom of this by going down to the sea level and tracing the remnants of this boat to find out what was the origin, who sent it, why it was sent, what was the purpose,” Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi told ANI in New Delhi. “The markings on the ammunition, the markings on the human beings who are supposedly dead, because this too serious a matter. And anything which conjures up images of 26/11 is devastating. And after we find out that information from the bottom of the sea we have to take it up internationally to embarrass and expose Pakistan,” he said. Singhvi, however cautioned that the nation cannot afford to lower its guard. “Let me say how fortunate we were how fortunate India is that this boat was detected , chased and self-destructed obviously because it had a lot of things to hide. We are fortunate; but remember the adage that we have to be right every time and the terrorists has to be right only once…..,” he added. Earlier on Friday, a possible terror attack was averted when a suspicious fishing boat carrying explosives in the Arabian Sea was intercepted near the India- Pakistan maritime boundary, approximately 365 kilometres away from Porbander. A statement from the Ministry of Defence said that as per intelligence inputs received on December 31, a fishing boat from Keti Bunder near Karachi was planning some illicit transaction in the Arabian Sea. A coast guard ship warned the suspicious vessel to stop for further investigation of the crew and cargo; however, the boat increased its speed and attempted to flee the maritime boundary. The coast guards operation continued for nearly one hour and the Coast Guard ship managed to stop the fishing boat after firing warning shots. The four persons on board disregarded warning shots from the Coast Guard and tried to hide themselves in the lower deck of the vessel; thereafter they set the boat on fire, which resulted in an explosion. Ultimately, the boat burnt and sank in the early hours of January 1, including all the people on board who could not be saved or recovered.

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Congress wants government to dig deep into ‘bomb’ boat case