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Delhi Metro has helped keep more than 3.9 lakh vehicles off roads in 2014 thus saving Rs 10,364 crore in terms of less fuel consumption and other benefits, claims a recent study, ostensibly making it Delhi’s best bet in fighting air pollution.The figures, released by the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), takes a comprehensive look at the benefits that the rapidly growing network has provided to the residents of the capital. CRRI arrived at the savings figure of Rs 10,364 crore by taking into account cost savings in terms of less fuel consumption, less pollution, time and fuel saved due to decongestion among others.While on account of less pollution, Metro helped save Rs 489 crore the amount stands at Rs 1972 crore and Rs 4107 crore in terms of savings in fuel and passengers’ time saved, the study claims. In absolute terms, the annual reduction in fuel consumption has been recorded at 2.76 lakh tonnes against the corresponding 2011 and 2007 figures of 1.6 lakh tonnes and 24,691 tonnes respectively.The annual reduction in level of pollutants is also stark with the figure being recorded at 5,77,148 tonnes in 2014 as opposed to 1,79,613 tonnes in 2011. Metro has also brought down the time taken in travelling by 32 minutes while reducing the number of fatal accidents by 125 as opposed to 111, and 21 in 2011 and 2007 respectively, the CRRI study, based on the Metro’s daily average ridership of 27 lakh, says.Delhi Metro, which recently celebrated its 12th anniversary, is on a rapid expansion phase and is expected add another 140 km to its existing operational network of 190-km after the completion of the phase-III construction. Also Read: In 2014, over 8,600 men apprehended from Delhi Metro’s ‘women only’ coaches

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Delhi Metro helps keep 3.9 lakh vehicles off roads in 2014