Former AAP legislator and party candidate from Model Town Assembly seat, Akhikesh Tripathi, on Thursday organised ‘Dinner with Arvind Kejriwal’ event for garnering funds for the upcoming polls.However, it was not clear how much money was collected from the fund raising dinner as final calculation is yet to be done. Last week, Somnath Bharti, former minister in Delhi government, held a similar event– Tea with Arvind Kejriwal– to collect funds for elections from the Malviya Nagar seat.AAP is organising such fund raising meals as they are not only helping party collect donations but also give Kejriwal an opportunity to establish a direct contact with people. In a similar exercise held by the party in Mumbai, AAP managed to garner a whopping Rs 91 lakh from a single event while another event organised by AAP’s traders wing helped it earn Rs 50 lakh.

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Delhi Polls: AAP organises ‘Dinner with Arvind Kejriwal’ for fund raising