The rains have been lashing Chennai over the last few days, giving the city an unofficial extended holiday this Diwali. Meanwhile, social media has been buzzing with news that got people in Chennai really excited and happy this year.Here’s a look at what’s been making their year:Ajith’s VedalamThe star has a huge fan following online and anything he does starts to trend. Considering his movie is releasing this Diwali, his ardent fans have been making hashtags trend online like #vedalam, #17crorememes, #thalaveribeginswithvedalam and #thala. The hottest topic was who managed to get tickets for the first day.<!– Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Kamal Haasan’s statement on GandhiKamal Haasan made a statement on Saturday of not joining those who are returning their awards against “growing intolerance”. He then stated, “You don’t expect Gandhiji to return his barrister degree to the British because the British were ruling us. That would be irresponsible, and I’m not going to be that irresponsible.” This statement caught the attention of everyone and became a hot topic on social media.Bihar Election ResultsThe results of the Bihar elections were declared on Sunday and people in Chennai were keenly watching. While many exit polls may have gotten the results wrong, the people in the city waited for the final results.N Srinivasan’s removal as ICC chairmanThe big news on November was that N Srinivasan as ICC chairman and Shashank Manohar replaced him. This fired up many people on social media. Cyclone and the rainsThe city gets enthusiastic when it rains and everyone talks about how romantic the first day. But when it rains for the more than a day, the scenario is drastically different. With the cyclone alert sounded for November 9, the Tamil Nadu government declared all schools and colleges shut. Most retail stores remained closed and even some smaller offices chose to keep their doors closed. The heavy rains and winds made it an even wetter Diwali for people in Tamil Nadu.


Diwali 2015: Five things that got social media in Chennai excited this year