Two labradors belonging to the CISF at the Guwahati airport got into a such a ferocious fight against each other on 6 January that it forced passengers and airport staff to run for cover, with some assuming the reason for panic was a terror strike.

Representational image. AFP

According to a report in The Indian Express, among the passengers was former West Bengal DGP and West Bengal Human Rights Commission chairperson Naparajit Mukherjee, who apparently wrote to CISF, Director General, Arvind Rajan regarding training dogs on security duty properly.

I have been in the police for such a long time and from my experience I can say that no trained dog behaves like this. Imagine the condition of the passengers. It was not just two stray dogs fighting with each other, but huge labradors. I wrote to Arvind Rajan that the dogs should be trained enough so that they do not become a menace like this,” Mukherjee told The Indian Express.

Before the CISF managed to put the dogs back on leashes from which they had escaped earlier, some of the terrified passengers even started calling the police and their homes thinking the panic was due to a terror attack, Mukherjee wrote in his letter to the CISF head.

The CISF is yet to respond to the former DGP.


Dog fight: Two CISF dogs at Guwahati airport spark panic, ex-DGP complains