The electronic toll (e-toll) collection system introduced in the country will help save Rs 88,000 crore and cut waiting time at toll plazas significantly, Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said in Mumbai on Thursday.Citing a Transport Corporation of India-IIM Kolkata study that said Rs 60,000 crore was lost on account of various delays at check posts, he said electronic toll collection could save Rs 88,000 crore. “The report said that every year, fuel worth Rs 60,000 crore is wasted due to the time spent by vehicles at toll plazas. The amount goes up to Rs 88,000 crore if the value of the time lost is added,” he said.”Of the 350 toll points on the Mumbai-Delhi route, 140 have been converted into E-toll points. By completion of the e-toll work in the country, this amount of Rs 88,000 crore would be saved,” he told reporters. “We will make available the e-platform to Maharashtra Government so that the same e-toll points can be started on state highways,” Gadkari said.On the issue of making roads toll-free, Gadkari said, “we are trying to find a way out.” “On the issue of toll, we are making a detailed study for the last two months. We are trying to bring in a new toll policy in a month, after taking approval of the PM and cabinet,” Gadkari said.

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E-toll system to save Rs 88,000 crore, cut waiting time: Nitin Gadkari