Mahant of Dwarka Shaktipeeth, Swami Sadanand Saraswati, on Sunday claimed that every person on earth is born a Hindu first and said that the majority community in India is the worst sufferer of conversion.”Every child takes birth as a Hindu. The world gives him other religions. Our Vedas have proof that a person is a Hindu first and then converted to other religions. Every human being was Sanatani or Hindu.”We (Hindus) are the worst sufferers of conversion, while others are the beneficiaries,” Saraswati said here today at an event attended by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, Gujarat ministers Saurabh Patel and Pradipsinh Jadeja and 15,425 Sangh workers.”If India does not have Hindus, then this country’s diversity, integrity and unity cannot be protected. Today, conversion has become a hot topic. People who don’t even know a bit about history, speak about conversions. You read history and you will find that we (Hindus) have been victims of conversion,” Saraswati said.Addressing RSS workers on the final day of the Sangh’s conclave in the city, Saraswati took a dig at the media for creating a hype about incidents of “re-conversion” in different parts of country by Hindu outfits.”As part of a large conspiracy, poor tribals are being converted to Christianity. They are lured into accepting that faith,” Saraswati alleged while adding that, “at this pace, where will our young generation go in 50 years?” “We must come together and fight conversion,” he said.Claiming there is a larger conspiracy against Hindus in respect of conversions, Saraswati said the entire nation should unite to raise its voice against such practices.”From the Moghuls to Britishers, every time we (Hindus) were attacked by them. Now, a small incident of conversion… came to light and around 156 countries of the world created an uproar,” Saraswati said.”For so many years, Hindus were converted either to Islam or Christianity. Just like Shivaji did not bow down before the nawabs, we have to put our entire strength behind it,” he said.

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Every person takes birth as a Hindu: Mahant Sadanand Saraswati