Bengaluru residents were in for a shock on Tuesday morning when they saw mounds of white foam overflowing from the Varthur Lake on to the road, according to a report by The Times of India.

The foam, said to be toxic, is a result of extreme pollution as sewage from many parts of the city is released into the water.

According to the Times of India repors, high amounts of ammonia and phosphate and very low dissolved oxygen in waste water caused the snow-like foam to pile up and seep on to the road. It also had a foul smell which hung in the air for a bit, continues the report.

The overflowing lake. Image Courtesy: Twitter @Zakka_JacobThe overflowing lake. Image Courtesy: Twitter @Zakka_Jacob

The overflowing lake. Image Courtesy: Twitter @Zakka_Jacob

This was not the first time that such foam was formed in the Varthur lake, but never did it spill on to the streets.

A DNA report quoted, Suresh Gowda, resident of Varthur, saying, “It is a common sight to see the lake frothing this way during monsoon or whenever heavy rains lash Bangalore city. But, this time the foam has spilled on to the street, posing as a rick to motorists, especially two-wheeler riders.”

Another Time of India report in March mentioned that  the Varthur Lake, one of the largest water bodies in the city,  was situated in an industrial hub. Sewage water entered it often and the pollutants were the detergents used for washing clothes which leads to foaming of the lake.

Meanwhile the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) is all set to issue a notice to Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) for not taking measures to prevent the flow of sewage into Varthur Lake, reports DNA.

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Extreme pollution leads to mounds of toxic foam overflowing from Bengaluru lake