Spelling out his tips on handling success and failure, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while congratulating students who passed their CBSE examination, also give them some career advice today.

1 “Dream big and proceed ahead. Success and failure are a part of life.

Suggesting that students must choose their career according to their capabilities, Modi said, “It’s important that you realize your potential, capabilities and choose your path based on that”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. AFPPrime Minister Narendra Modi. AFP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. AFP

2. Congratulating students who passed the CBSE board exams, Modi sought to encourage those who failed. Talking about how not to get discouraged by failure, Modi urged the students to change themselves through action and hard-work.

Modi even cited APJ Abdul Kalam as a reference in his bid to inspire board exam students. “Former President APJ Abdul Kalam failed to become a pilot but became the President,” said Modi.

3. PM asked students to not get discouraged by picking off-beat career paths.

4.Modi then went on to ask students to keep a diary while travelling, for it is ‘another side of education’. He said students must write about all their experiences while travelling in a diary and share it with the government for it helps the latter to understand their country better.


Failure a part of life: Modi dishes out success mantras to students during Mann ki baat