Now we know that Digvijaya Singh and the RSS get along only as well as chilli chicken and biryani, Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth or Mumbai monsoons and your pedicure. In case, you were too busy trolling Narendra Modi Inc. following AAP’s win and had completely forgotten that he existed, Digvijaya has sprung up on Twitter again with a new gift for the RSS.

This time, he has gift-wrapped Arvind Kejriwal and presented him to the RSS, suggesting that’s where the AAP chief belongs. He recently tweeted, “Kejriwal is a part of the overall plan of RSS for a Congress Mukt Bharat.”

Then he quickly followed it up saying, “I know I would be abused by both RSS and Kejriwal fans.”

Digvijaya Singh and Mohan Bhagwat.Digvijaya Singh and Mohan Bhagwat.

Digvijaya Singh and Mohan Bhagwat.

You have to have a heart of stone to not picture a solitary tear rolling down his cheeks.

So on the occasion of him celebrating the ‘most bizarre claim I ever made’, we list a series of things that he blamed the RSS for and associated it with.

In creative genius, some of these claims can actually compete with the uber absurdity of the claims made by RSS’ self-proclaimed defender Subramanian Swamy.

1. Equating Late Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, popularly referred to by ‘Guruji’ by RSS followers with the Nazis: Digvijaya Singh wrote on his personal blog that Guruji’s ideals, which were also ideals that shaped the RSS were ‘much like the Nazis’. He quoted Guruji and said in this blog, “In other words, Guruji wanted to see millions of Indians treated as non-citizens. He wanted all their citizenship rights taken away.”

We suspect this was the disturbing moment, the now infamous ‘Sanghi troll’ sat down, tore his hair and after running over the Oxford dictionary coined his invincible troll weapon – a word called ‘sickular’.

2. He suggested Ramdev was a monster of the RSS’ making: In 2011, he said that Baba Ramdev was from the RSS and has ‘strong affiliations’ with the outfit. The BJP didn’t take to this accusation well and hit back at him for calling Ramdev a RSS agent.

“He (Digvijaya) must tell whose agent is he and who has made him the agent. He is not the spokesperson of the Congress, so how is he making such comments?,” said Shahnawaz Hussain.  Maybe the ‘baba’ of pills for impossible things can turn the ‘chill pill’ into a reality. We would be glad to deliver them in boxes to these warring factions.

3. He said that RSS might be involved in terror: Following the blasts in Zaveri Bazaar in 2011, Digvijaya Singh said that the organisation might be involved in terrorist activities. He had even said that he had evidence of right wing organisations being involved in the blasts. The BJP, obviously, defended the RSS enthusiastically asking the Congress to not play politics over ‘dead bodies’.

4. He compared the RSS ideals to that of the Taliban: If Singh had paid as much attention to his own party, as he had to finding analogies to the RSS, the Congress might have seen better days. However, there’s no fun in that, right? So at one time, in the Rajya Sabha, Singh alleged that the RSS ideals in spirit were like those of the Taliban.

“Taliban ideals are the cause behind so much violence in the world. Similarly, I should say, these Sanghi ideals are dangerous,” he said. 

5. He compared Mohan Bhagwat and Narendra Modi to Hitler: Basically, he was trying to say India should be more scared of folks in America when the aliens attacked them in Independence Day. So to make an impact he said Narendra Modi was Hitler, for good measure threw in Mohan Bhagwat, and hinted that Indians should hide under their beds and never venture out. He tweeted, “I thought we had one Hitler in making but it seems now we have Two ! God save India.”

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From Kejriwal to Taliban: The 5 most bizarre things Digvijaya Singh has blamed on RSS