Google is known to come out with interesting doodles to mark special days. Today is no different.

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Log on to and you will be greeted by a set of tools such as a pair of gloves, measuring tape, a wrench and rolls of insulating tape along with a few spare screws and nuts thrown in for good measure. This static doodle is Google’s way of celebrating the Labour Day today.

Initiated by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan in Chennai (then known as Madras) on May 1, 1923, the Labour Day or May Day is celebrated across India and is a public holiday. May 1 also happens to be a national holiday in 80 other countries such as Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, China, Israel, Nepal, Pakistan and so on.

Labour Day adheres to the philosophy of having an 8-hour work day, so that you can have the next 16 hours for recreation and rest. It is celebrated in France as well and Google has another doodle for France where May 1 is also known as Premier Mai. In France, the labour day origins date back to May 1, 1886.

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Happy May-Day! Google celebrates Labour Day with a tool-inspired doodle