When asked about future plans, while it is confusing for even adults to answer, 10-year-old Ishita Katyal is confident – she wants to be an author and a motivational speaker. Studying in 5th standard at Vibgyor School in Pune, Ishita was the youngest speaker at the TEDYouth conference held in New York on November 14 this year, where she spoke on the topic ‘What do you want to be now’ for four minutes. Slated to talk at the TEDxGateway in Mumbai on December 5, iamin caught up with this brilliant young girl.

Her journey to TEDYouth ConferenceIt all started in 2013 when Ishita attended a TEDx Pune event with her mother and she heard speakers talk on motivational and current topics. “I got inspired listening to the speakers at the conference and I wanted to organise my own TEDx event. My parents and my family encouraged me to do so,” said Ishita. After clearing two interviews on Skype conducted by TED members, the young girl was selected to be the youngest organiser of TEDxYouth events in Asia-Pacific region.After this, Ishita organised a TEDxYouth at Balewadi event at her school which highlighted on how to make lives simpler through the use of technology.<!– Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Selection of topicAlthough quite young, Ishita was always intrigued when she was asked who she wants to be in future. “It is a generic question which is asked to children right from the age of 4-5. I wanted to talk on this because it is a question that everyone should consider, from a younger age. I am sure most of the kids of my age would be asked of the same,” she added.The applaud she received at the TEDYouth conference for her speech was effective enough to prove that a child too could also make a considerable impact on audiences.Future endeavoursAn avid book reader, Ishita has already authored a book titled Simran’s Diary, a story of a girl named Simran and her daily life adventures. “I want to write more books. Also, I want to be a motivational speaker and talk on inspiring topics like how to fulfil your dreams. I want to speak in more events in future,” she added.Ishita says that it is her parents and family who inspire her to follow her dreams without any pressures. “We are happy that she is so confident of her life goals. We want her to get maximum exposure so that even in future she may try a new field and do what she wants to,” said Nancy Katyal, Ishita’s mother.(Ishita Katyal will be speaking at the TEDxGateway, Mumbai, on December 5, 2015, at NCPA.)
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How 10-year-old Ishita Katyal became the speaker at TEDYouth conference