Shibam Ghosh, a third-year Production Engineering student at Jadavpur University was admitted to the hospital on Friday, following his deteriorating health on the fourth day of the hunger strike.Around 7.30pm on Friday, Ghosh suddenly lost consciousness. He was immediately rushed to the nearby KPC Medical College and Hospital.With the health of 12 other students of the university on a ‘fast unto death’ has also deteriorated over the past 24 hours, the demands for the resignation of University Vice Chancellor (VC) Abhijit Chakrabarti have got louder.A team of doctors who examined the students on Thursday, were concerned about their low blood sugar level, following the indefinite hunger strike.During the day, state education minister Partha Chatterjee met the VC of JUTA – the Left backed teachers’ association of the University as well as the students on hunger strike. But this failed to break any ice. The standoff still continues, with the students maintaining that they will continue their fast until the VC resigns.“I have requested the students to withdraw their agitation. We can reach a solution only through discussions. I’m trying very hard to solve this impasse. I am also going to inform Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee about the entire incident,” Chatterjee said at Bikash Bhawan, after meeting the students on hunger strike.

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Hunger Strike Day 4: Jadavpur students’ health takes a turn for the worse