Shashi Tharoor during his press address on Friday
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Former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor on Saturday avoided commenting on the death case of his wife Sunanda Pushkar, saying all questions related to the incident must be asked from the police. “It is pointless for you to waste your time on other matters. I said very clearly in Guruvayoor on Friday. I have nothing more to add and you are not going to get me add anything more. Please ask the police any questions you want to ask,” Tharoor said. “And, if you all believe you know the murderer, please go and convey the details to the police. I have nothing more to say. Please ask the police,” he added. Tharoor had earlier on Friday said he hopes the Delhi Police can speedily solve the death case of his wife, adding that he will not compromise police proceedings by engaging in public debates. Tharoor also called for the police investigation to be fair and without any political considerations. “I think it is very important that a matter like this which is the object of so much public attention and so much public controversy, for most part misinformation, distortion and even outright lies, be done professionally without any political pressure or consideration,” he said. Stating that he did not expect his wife’s demise to be a result of murder, Tharoor said that he has pledged his support to the Delhi Police to solve the mystery. Sunanda, who married Tharoor in 2010, had checked into The Leela Hotel in Chanakyapuri a day before her death on January 17, 2014. Tharoor’s aides said the couple had checked into the luxury hotel because of renovation work at his Delhi bungalow. The Delhi Police on Tuesday stated that a case under IPC Section 302 has been registered with regard to her death, adding that medical reports have indicated that her demise was due to poisoning. Prior to her death, Sunanda was embroiled in a spat with Pakistan-based journalist, Mehr Tarar, whom she accused of stalking her husband. Also Read: Shashi Tharoor knows who killed his wife, alleges Subramanian Swamy

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I have nothing more to say, says Shashi Tharoor on Sunanda death case