My dear friends, Can you give me 25 rotis?

It can happen to us too. Just a few minutes ago what was our home, the centre of our entire existence, built bit by bit with hard work, hope and love is no more than a pile of rubble now . What would we do?

FAcebook @GoonjFAcebook @Goonj

FAcebook @Goonj

In any natural disaster, after the evacuation the first thing needed is food. There is a huge difference between packets of biscuits and home cooked food. We at the Food Army believe in the power of food cooked with positivity. We have committed to send home cooked food to the people of Nepal to ease their pain a little. We had done that at the time of Kashmir floods. 

Every person in the Food Army contributes 25 Roti( Theplas), we send them to the affected area. We make sure they get distributed and consumed within 72 hours of making. 

This is the latest message doing the rounds of Whatsapp after the Nepal earthquake. The initiative is started by two sisters — Rintu Rathod and Krishna Desai. Their initiative however is not a first — they had sent 35,000 (approximately 700 kgs) of thepla to the flood-affected people of Jammu & Kashmir last September. This time, they already have 2,000 people who signed up to help make the theplas to be sent to Nepal, according to Mumbai Mirror.

“We cannot reverse the situation but we can certainly do something to ease their suffering. Remember, every effort counts,” the sisters add in their message.

However, The NGO Goonj has released a list of items needed more desperately, they are: rice, pulses, spices, milk powder, tea leaves and sugar. What they don’t need is perishable items, cooked food and half consumed liquid packs.

If you want to help you can get in touch with them here:

For Bandra -9223322022 Address-Therese Villa,Ist floor ,,Ist rd.,TPS 4,Bandra west
Sorry correction – rotis are required on Wednesday the 29th of April.
For juhu: Manuja shroff.b 404 milton apts juhu koliwada. Mumbai 49
For Bandra-Deepika 9223322022.Address-Therese Villa,1st Floor,Flt.no4,1st TPS 4rd,Bandra West
For lokhandwala -Bicky Vijan, C 1304,Oberoi springs, new link road,Andheri (w).

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In unique initiative, 2 Mumbai women plan to send home-cooked Theplas to Nepal earthquake victims