United Nations: India has stressed on deeper engagement and commitment by the UN Security Council to ensure long-lasting peace in countries torn by civil war and to avoid relapse into conflict.

India called for greater UNSC involvement in war-torn countries. Reuters

India called for greater UNSC involvement in war-torn countries. Reuters

In an an Ambassadorial-level meeting of Organisational Committee, Peacebuilding Commission at the United Nations on Wednesday, Deputy Permanent Representative of India Ambassador Bhagwant Bishnoi said peace-building is necessary to rebuild institutions and infrastructure in nations torn by civil war and to ensure that there is no relapse into conflict.

He noted that the Commission, its Organising Committee and its Country-Specific Configurations have done commendable work in mainstreaming peacebuilding in post-conflict countries.

“The Security Council’s engagement on peacebuilding in recent years has also helped to emphasise the critical role of peacebuilding,” he said.

“However, deeper engagement and commitment of the Security Council is imperative to ensure long-lasting peace and avoid relapse into conflict.”

He noted that while a certain amount of external guidance is implicit in peacebuilding, it should not be at the cost of local ownership and agenda.

“It is the primary responsibility of national governments of countries emerging from conflict to identify priorities and strategies for peacebuilding in order to ensure national ownership,” Bishnoi added.

He stressed that peacebuilding anchored firmly in the overall peace process will deliver the best results.

“This requires the international community to make available a predictable and appropriate level of resources over extended periods. It is important that our advocacy must be accompanied by matching commitments in resources,” he said.


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India calls for deeper UNSC engagement in countries torn by civil war