The Union Home Minister addressed the raging topic of intolerance in Lok Sabha today.
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Speaking in Lok Sabha on Tuesday evening, Home Minister Rajnath Singh addressed country’s raging topic — intolerance row. He said that the biggest victim of intolerance was Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself.”Intolerance has been displayed only thrice — partition, during emergency and during 1984 riots. The biggest victim of intolerance has been PM Modi himself. I assure you that anyone trying to disturb the social fabric of the country will not be spared.”He further said that the Dadri reports that were submitted did not mention beef or communalism. “When we found out about Dadri we immediately asked UP Govt for a report, a report which had no mention of beef or communalism,” he said.<!– Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>He further said, “Yes, we are intolerant. We are intolerant towards corruption, unclean surroundings, terrorism, violence against women and such issues.” On Tuesday, speaking in the Lok Sabha Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi slammed Union Minister VK Singh for his dog analogy. Rahul said that VK Singh after being sworn as an MP and holding the post of General of Indian Army compared Dalit children to dogs. Reacting to this, Rajnath Singh said, “You ask why PM is silent on VK Singh. Tell me something, every time something like this happened in the past did the then PM respond? VK Singh himself gave a clarification, said that his statement was twisted.”Rahul also spoke about various personalities speaking about intolerance and facing severe backlash. He also added that Arun Shourie faced flak for being critical of PM Modi. “I would like to tell you that Arun Dhourie, who is BJP man, was trolled on Twitter because he criticised Modi,” said Gandhi.He spoke about Dadri saying, “A Muslim man is killed in cold blood. The man ultimately responsible for his protection, the PM, remained silent.”

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Intolerance was displayed during Partition, Emergency and 84 riots: Rajnath Singh in LS