Terming the results and signals coming from Mangalyaan as excellent, former Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chief K Radhakrishnan informed that the space agency was preparing for manned space mission. As he interacted with space scientist Pramod Kale during a plenary session on Mars Mission at the 102 Indian science Congress, Radhakrishnan narrated the entire Mars Mission journey. Being an expert himself, Kale asked a few questions, which brought out the best of Radhakrishnan and Indian space missions in last few decades. Radhakrishnan said that sending man to space requires development of environment and life support systems for the crew. He said there is a need for bringing down failure rate to one out of 100 during such missions and that ISRO was working in this direction so that a manned mission could be undertaken after Chandrayaan II. He said that ISRO would be working towards making Chandrayaan II an indigenous mission. The eminent scientist said the space agency was looking at reducing the speed of the lander for the sake of safe landing. Mangalyaan’s big test in JuneRadhakrishnan said quality of the signals sent from Mars is excellent, which is also an indication that the instruments on Mangalyaan are also working well. The spacecraft will face a big test in June when it would work on its own. He informed that the conservative estimate for the Mangalyaan life was of six months and 100 days were already over so that whatever signals ISRO received thereafter would be a bonus.

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ISRO working towards manned mission: Ex-agency chief K Radhakrishnan