Ribeiro has referred to the recent Allahabad High Court judgment in a PIL whereby the court had directed a CBI probe into the Yadav Singh scam.

JF Ribeiro

One-time top cop Julio F Ribeiro has written to the chairman of the SIT on black money, Justice (retired) MB Shah, urging him to ensure monitoring of the Yadav Singh investigation by the SIT.In his letter, Ribeiro has put the CBI in the dock, raising questions over the fairness in its functioning. He accused the CBI of treating the former Noida chief engineer Yadav Singh ‘with kid gloves’ and also said that he was being shielded by his political associates. The former Punjab DGP even charged the CBI with carrying out orders of the political masters in power.<!– Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Ribeiro is part of India Rejuvenation Initiative, a group of retired top officials campaigning for probity in public life. Among the other prominent members are Justice RC Lahoti, former Chief Justice of India, JM Lyngdoh, former Chief Election Commissioner, and Prakash Singh, ex-DGP, UP.Ribeiro has referred to the recent Allahabad High Court judgment in a PIL whereby the court had directed a CBI probe into the Yadav Singh scam.He said this judgment was based ‘almost entirely’ on the Supreme Court order in an IRI PIL on black money, and the letter of 24 February 2015 from the Union Government on the instruction of the SIT on black money, which had directed the CBI to take up the investigation.”We feel that CBI should have registered the case in February 2015 itself when it had been directed by SIT to do so,” Ribeiro said in his letter.”However, even now, when CBI has belatedly filed a case and commenced investigation following the decision by the Allahabad High Court, it appears that Shri Yadav Singh is being treated with kid’s glove by the CBI for reasons best known to itself! No arrests have been made so far and it appears that enough time is being given to all concerned to’tamper with evidence and once the case is off public glare, the matter will be put in cold storage given the alleged involvement of several top leaders of different political parties,” Ribeiro says, putting the CBI and Yadav Singh’s political abettors in the dock at the same time.”We have reasons to believe that even premier investigating agencies like CBI, instead of doing investigation as per the laid down law, act as per the wishes of those in power. Who is to be arrested and who is to be let off, is decided by those in power with no correlation to the evidence available in the matter.This is amply clear from the way our premier agencies have over the years investigated high profile cases like Bofors, HDW deal, Harshad Mehta case, Hawala case, Madhu Koda case, 2G Case, Coal Gate, CWG scam, Cash for Vote case, DA cases of high profile politicians, to name a few,” Ribeiro lashed out.He said that in all these investigations CBI acted in a partisan manner, did not do its job properly and let the real culprits go scot free, further eroding the faith of people in the system.”It would be a pity if this were to happen in a case taken up by CBI at the instance of SIT, which has now been upheld by the Allahabad High Court,” he added.He urged the SIT to closely monitor the CBI investigation and set a reasonable time frame for completion of investigation. “We, in the IRI, are also closely observing the pace and quality of investigation and will be happy to provide our inputs to SIT from time to time. We hope and pray that the experiment of SIT will succeed,” Ribeiro stated.

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Julio F Ribeiro puts CBI in the dock over Yadav Singh case