TRIAL BY FIRE | Kishore’s parents feared for losing their only possession, a — land, if they were not present when officials come to survey losses of Monday’s blaze

Prakash Mhaske and Shantabai Mhasake (Top) stayed back as they were told that collector and police will be coming to survey the losses
Aadesh Choudhari
It was supposed to be most important day in his life. But Kishore Prakash Mhaske couldn’t hide his gloom even in groom’s attire. Instead of attending his marriage with long-time friend, his parents were guarding their small patch of land at Bhim Nagar in Damu Nagar slums, where their home stood before it got gutted along with hundreds of other shanties in Monday’s blaze. Kishore’s parents, Prakash Mhaske and Shantabai, stayed back as they were told that collector and police will be coming to survey the losses. Mhaskes’ feared that if the officials didn’t find them there, they will lose that place too and rightful share of government relief.<!– Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> “Where will we stay if our name is not on the list and government deny us permission to rebuild our home. We have lost everything, including Rs70,000 cash, jewellery for bride, clothes and food stock we stored for guests. We couldn’t cancel the wedding as we had paid the full payment of Rs1.50 lakh for the function,” said Mhaske. Stating that haldi and DJ party had to be dropped because of the fire, Prakash said his son had taken a bank loan of Rs30,000 for the function. “The pandal which perished in fire was erected at a cost of Rs10,000,” he added. Shantabai said that Kishore’s friends gave her emotional and financial support. “He was broke and inconsolable, but we encouraged him to get married as we would not be able to bear any additional loss. His friends arranged new pair of clothes and got him ready. They also got clothes for the bride from the grooms’ side,” said a distressed Shantabai. Mhaske’s relatives and distant family members attended the wedding and were left aghast as they visited the groom’s home, which has now turned into heaps of ashes. “They were working together in a garment factory. I had dreamt so much of welcoming her as my daughter-in-law. But now I don’t even have a place to accommodate her,” she said. Looking around, she said: “What gift will I give her now. Everything is burnt.” At least 20 to 25 officials from the Collector’s office were at the scene on Tuesday, taking down details of each household. Police officers were also seen collecting details for panchnama.

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