Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal will visit Bengaluru on January 11 to raise funds for the party. “AAP, Bengaluru has launched a fund-raising lunch called ‘Lunch with Arvind’. Donors with a minimum contribution of Rs 20,000 may book their passes,” the party said.The party believes that transparent funding of political parties is the stepping stone to clean and honest politics, AAP said in a release. “The people of India are eager to fund honest politics, and AAP is the only party that provides this platform. AAP believes in the idea of crowd sourced funding for fighting elections,” it added.”Most other parties are funded by vested interests that come with strings attached and this simply starts the vicious cycle of corruption in the system,” it added.

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Lunch with Arvind: AAP chief to raise funds in Bengaluru