New Delhi: Nagaland government has conveyed to the Centre that Syed Sarif Khan, who was lynched by a mob in Dimapur last week, did not rape the girl who accused him of assaulting her but they had consensual sex twice.

In a report to the Home Ministry, the state government said Khan had given a statement to police after his arrest on 24 February that he had paid Rs 5,000 to the alleged rape victim after they had sex twice.

Protests after the lynching of an Assamese man in Dimapur. PTIProtests after the lynching of an Assamese man in Dimapur. PTI

Protests after the lynching of an Assamese man in Dimapur. PTI

According to the report, Khan had also told police that the girl went with him on her free will and had demanded more money from him after the sexual encounters which he had refused. FIR of rape was filed soon after.

“It appears on the basis of Khan’s confession, that it was not rape but consensual sex,” a Home Ministry official quoted the Nagaland government report as stating.

Since his arrest on 24 February, Khan was in the Dimpaur central jail. On 5 March, a mob broke into the jail, dragged him out, stripped him naked, beat him up, pelted him with stones and dragged him towards the centre of Dimapur town, seven kilometres away. He died from his injuries on the way after which the mob displayed his body from a clock tower.

The Nagaland government also said that investigation into the case was still going on and on the basis of medical examination and forensic evidence, the case could be taken forward.

The medical examination of Khan and alleged rape victim had been conducted after the incident of was reported.

Forensic evidences collected from the alleged rape victim and Khan have been sent to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory in Guwahati for obtaining expert opinion.

Police investigation was also made at Hotel De Oriental Dream (where accused Khan had alleged taken the victim) and CCTV footage were collected with necessary documents, the official said quoting the report.

The earlier report had said that a local Naga youth was allegedly involved in helping Khan in the incident and he too was arrested and sent to Dimapur central jail along with Khan.

However, the mob did not touch the Naga youth when Khan was dragged out of the prison on March 5 and lynched.



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