Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi says women are no less capable than men.

Tarun Gogoi
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Women are no less capable than men and they have been in some cases superior to men, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said at the 7th Annual Event Honouring Women Achievers of the North East 2014-15.”Without empowerment of women, no society or state can forge ahead,” he said. “A country’s progress can be judged only on the basis of how far its women have made strides. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure women empowerment on all fronts,” he said at the award-giving function organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO), North East Chapter. Expressing concern that atrocities against women are on the rise, Gogoi said such incidents must be brought to an end through concerted efforts. Gogoi said that the state government has given more thrust on women empowerment and has made 30% reservation of jobs in government for women. “Assam is the first state in the country to have 30% job reservation for women. Now other states are emulating us,” he added. Stating through capacity building, skill development and vocational training, women can be empowered socially and economically, the Chief Minister said more and more girls are pursuing education and that augurs well for the state and the country. “It’s good to see a sizeable section of girls pursuing education in universities, polytechnics, engineering, medical and other institutions. The demand for girls’ hostels is more than boys. And this augurs well for the state and the country as a whole,” he said. Gogoi also said education without empowering women is meaningless and that the Government has given thrust on capacity building, entrepreneurship training and skill development. The Chief Minister appreciated the endeavour of FLO, North East Chapter for espousing the cause of women and giving them the recognition they so richly deserve. “A little bit of encouragement and appreciation does wonders and inspires and motivates one in the field to work with greater zeal and vigour,” he said. The Chief Minister presented Tongam Rina, a journalist from Arunachal Pradesh who braved terrorists’ bullets, G Lalthanzami from Mizoram who saves women from domestic abuse, Birubala Rabha from Assam who spearheads a campaign against witch-hunting, Meena Debbarma, a young actress from Tripura who fights for tribal rights and Rupshika Borah from Assam, who is the first ever woman director of OIL with Women Achievers of North East Award for the year 2014-15.Also Read: Expat women’s take on India: Travel can be a nightmare

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No society can forge ahead without women empowerment: Tarun Gogoi