On Sunday, a young couple was almost abducted and robbed by two ‘policemen’ at Peddar Road in Mumbai, according to a report in Hindustan Times. The story has a twist though. The ‘policemen’ were in reality small-time criminals.

Representative image. AFPRepresentative image. AFP

Representative image. AFP

Narrating their tale to the real cops, the 22-year-old youth, who was dropping his friend, said that they were stopped by two men who were “in plain clothes” near Kemps Corner. When the men asked for the duo’s driving licence, they got suspicious and asked for their ID cards.

According to the HT report, one of the men dressed as a cop slapped the complainant and told them to follow them to a police station. However, halfway there a scuffle broke out between the four and one of the complainants managed to escape with his bike key. The police arrested one of the criminals while the other is absconding.

Criminals or outlaws pretending to be public servants and conning is not a recent thing. Here are a few cases where criminals, posing as cops, have robbed people across India and despite media reporting it these incidents continue to take place unabated.

November 2014: Kolhapur, Maharashtra

A 70-year-old man taking his morning walk was conned by two men posing as policemen and was robbed of gold worth Rs 60,000, according to a report in The Times of India. The ‘cops’ approached the old man and told him to hide his valuables as “as a precautionary measure.” The duo helped the old man wrap his valuables — a gold chain, a watch, and his ring — in his handkerchief and fled with it.

November 2013: New Delhi

A few unidentified men, posing as police personnel, fled with Rs 27 lakh kept in the dicky of a two wheeler of a businessman on the pretext of checking the vehicle in north-east Delhi, PTI report said.

Police said scrap dealer Mohammed Shakil made a complaint that when he was going to his house on his scooter a few ‘cops’ waylaid him and asked to show his licence. When he was showing the papers to the group, one of them stole Rs 27 lakh kept in the vehicle’s dicky. The scrap dealer got to know about the theft only after he reached home.

August 2010: Bangalore

Criminals posed as officials from the CBI and robbed three women of gold jewellery worth Rs 2.5 lakh. According to this report, ‘CBI officers’ approached three different women in three different parts of the city and told them that they are investigating murder of an old woman.

The ‘cops’ also warned the women saying “they were slapping a fine of Rs 2,000 on people wearing gold jewellery and attracting anti-social elements.” The women instantly took off their jewellery and put it in their bags in front of the ‘CBI officers.’ But after the officers left when the women checked their bags they found only pebbles in the bag.

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