New Delhi: The Christian community, which has been critical of the BJP government following “attacks” on
churches, on Friday welcomed US President Barack Obama’s comments on religious intolerance in India, saying he spoke about the reality and pro-active action was required to ensure social harmony.

Director and Spokesperson of Delhi Catholic Archdiocese Father Dominic said the US President remark on religious intolerance was a major issue and asked the government to take the challenge seriously.

Barack Obama. AFP

“Mahatma Gandhi is the father of the nation and it is good for us to be reminded by anybody in the world what Mahatma Gandhi said,” he said, adding government must take steps to ensure that people from all faiths live in harmony.

Yesterday, the US President had said in Washington that the “acts of intolerance” experienced by religious faiths of all types in India in the past few years would have shocked Gandhi.

Angry over a spate of “attacks” on churches, members of the Christian community yesterday had staged a major protest in the city. They have been accusing the BJP government of inaction in ensuring security to the churches and the community in the city.

“The high handedness brutal force the police used was the most shocking thing and we are wondering whether we are in a democracy or in a dictatorial system of government,” Dominic said about police crackdown on protesters yesterday.

Another leader from the Christian community Jenis Francis said it was “unfortunate” that Obama had to react to an internal issue.

“That Obama had to react to our internal issue is unfortunate. But having said that, it also shows the
lackadaisical approach of the government in addressing the serious issue,” he said.

The community is outraged over “attacks” on various churches in the city since November last year. The community alleged that it is part of a “hate campaign”.


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