PM Narendra Modi, alongside party members during a rally in New Delhi on Saturday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday lauded the people of Jammu and Kashmir for reposing faith in democracy by voting in large numbers in the recent polls but was silent on the subsequent political stalemate because of which Governor’s Rule was imposed in the state. Addressing a rally in Delhi, he said this Assembly election has demonstrated to the world the faith the people of the state have in Indian democratic system by defying threats and boycott calls.”My biggest thanks to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. They turned out in such large numbers to vote despite calls by separatists… There were efforts to whip up anti-India sentiments and defame India globally,” he said.He said the state, which at one point of time did not record even two per cent votes, saw a 65-70 percent turnout this time around. About BJP, which got 25 seats in the 87-member Assembly, Modi said it had registered a “historic victory”.On the other hand, BJP leader Ram Madhav in Srinagar promised that a stable government in Jammu and Kashmir will take place soon.Declining to give any timeframe on formation of government in Jammu and Kashmir, he said, “We hope to have a stable government. BJP, obviously will be a part of that government. We hope to bring some kind of arrangement soon,” Madhav said.Governor’s Rule was imposed in Jammu and Kashmir yesterday, with PDP, which emerged as the single-largest party, and BJP failing to cobble up the required number to form the government.Some sections of Jammu and Kashmir have deplored the fact that political parties could not form a government in the state and suggested that it was insult to the voters who had turned out in large numbers despite threats and boycott calls.

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PM Modi stays mum on stalemate in Jammu and Kashmir over government formation