PMK founder leader S Ramadoss

Expressing concern over reports of alleged termination of services of many employees by software companies, NDA ally PMK on Sunday urged the Centre and state governments to intervene in the issue and stop the injustice.””When the livelihood of thousands are affected, it is the duty of the Centre and states to stop it. They should not remain aloof by treating it as an internal issue of these companies,” PMK founder leader S Ramadoss said in Chennai.Related Read – TCS lays off over 1500 employees, stung employees to petition PM Narendra ModiStating that a top Indian software company planned to end the services of 25,000 employees, he said the firm had already given pink slips to a significant chunk of them. “Indian and multinational companies operating in south India, including Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are terminating the services of senior employees,” he alleged.”The action of such companies without caring for labour laws and human rights is strongly condemnable.”

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PMK wants Centre, State governments to intervene in layoffs by software companies