Anyone who’s ever used public transport regularly in India has at some point had to deal with that one passenger who just refuses to move no matter what you tell them. DMK’s Stalin may not have faced that situation too often but when he did face it on board a recent ride on the Chennai metro, he showed how he deals with that: he slapped the person.

Screengrab from the videoScreengrab from the video

Screengrab from the video

Stalin boarded the newly inaugurated Chennai Metro on Wednesday for a ride and while on it, posed for photographers. A video showed him interacting with passengers, telling some courteous passengers who tried to offer him a seat, that he would prefer to stand. And all seemed to be well.

However, a little into the ride there was a party member who was standing right next to the leader and with who some women seemed to have a problem with, standing where he was.

So this is what the DMK leader did:

The AIADMK was expectedly quick to react saying that Stalin’s conduct was unbecoming of a leader.

The DMK’s defence is that Stalin didn’t really slap the man and was just sending him on his way. However, if Stalin was anyone else it was rather unlikely he would get away with what he did based on his definition of a slap.

“I was extremely happy to travel in a world class train in our Chennai and proud to have played a part in making this visionary scheme a reality,” a Times of India report quoted Stalin as saying after the ride. Not surprisingly there was no mention of the incident given he didn’t even consider it a slap.

Expectedly, Twitterati are having a field day:

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Poda! DMK’s Stalin slaps party member on Chennai Metro, video goes viral