“These are perspectives on the human development that India and Africa share, these are perspectives that we can together contribute to the rest of the world for handling conflicts and crises,” he added.

Against the backdrop of incidents of violence with communal and casteist overtones, President Pranab Mukherjee once again emphasised the importance of diversity, saying it is “our lifeblood” and ensures that “we value co-existence, dialogue, mutual understanding and peace”. He made the remarks in the context of India and Africa while addressing a banquet hosted for leaders of 54 African nations who are here for a Summit for which he hailed the “drive” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.India and Africa understand each other and for both “diversity is our lifeblood” as it “enriches us and makes us even stronger. It ensures that we value co-existence, dialogue, mutual understanding and peace,” Mukherjee said. <!– Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”These are perspectives on the human development that India and Africa share, these are perspectives that we can together contribute to the rest of the world for handling conflicts and crises,” he added.These remarks of the President assume significance as these come against the backdrop of certain incidents in the recent times which had communal and casteist overtones, like the Dadri lynching, controversy over beef and burning of a family of Dalits in Haryana.Mukherjee said the difficult decades of colonial rule and cruel oppression, economic deprivation and racial discrimination may be behind us but the challenges are far from gone and they have changed.”We have still to overcome poverty and disease, terrorism and drug trafficking, lack of education and training,” he said.He said both India and Africa have stood in days of struggle and “we will stand together in this challenging dawn of development. India is ready to share its democratic experience, its agricultural expertise, its capacity building potential, its healthcare institutions, its peacekeepers with our partners from Africa.”Once again we are determined that our struggle will be based on principles – the principles of equality and partnership, of mutual benefit, of human dignity. For India and Africa, guided by the vision of Mahatma Gandhi who belonged to both, that is the only path.” Hosting a banquet for representatives of African Nations at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said a century ago when the construction of this building (President’s House), began, it would have been difficult to imagine such a moment when India as well as so many African nations would discard their colonial chains, threw away the imperial yoke and one day stand together here to celebrate freedom, democracy and human dignity.’I’m supremely confident that the work done during the summit, refreshing of a collective vision for the future of our people will be critical in defining the directions and counters of our political and economic engagements,’ said the President. He said given that India and Africa are home to a third of the world’s populations, this engagement is certain to have an impact on the future of the sustainable development of the world.’Your shared visions and guidance reflected in the two documents ‘ Delhi Declaration 2015 and India-Africa Framework for Strategic Cooperation ‘ that have been adopted by you at the summit and encapsulate the India-Africa Strategic Partnership, is a unique example of South-South Cooperation,’ the President added.The Delhi Declaration called for continued collaboration in the fields of peace and security, besides strengthening of the UN counter-terrorism mechanism and enhancing cooperation and coordination to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.The India-Africa Framework for Strategic Cooperation reaffirmed strong commitment to work together for a comprehensive reform of the United Nations system, including the Security Council, to make it more regionally representative, democratic, accountable and effective. The third edition of the India-Africa Forum Summit 2015, which was commenced on October 26 at Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex here, concluded here on Thursday with Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivering the vote of thanks.

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Pranab Mukehrjee emphasises importance of diversity at India-Africa meet