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RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat refrained from speaking about the controversial ‘Ghar Wapsi’ issue on Sunday at the organisation’s mega meet in Ahmedabad, where he said Hindu society has been for years maintaining that other religions would also have to be accepted. The Sangh’s Ghar Wapsi programme grabbed headlines recently for derailing the development agenda on which the Narendra Modi government was elected.Bhagwat’s refrain from touching upon the controversial issue came after senior Sangh pracharak Rajeshwar Singh, who is convenor of the Dharm Jagran Samanway Samiti spearheading the Ghar Wapsi (re-conversion) programme, was sent on leave by RSS.Addressing the last mega meeting of RSS in Kolkata on December 20, last year, Bhagwat had strongly defended the Ghar Wapsi programme carried out by the Hindutva outfit by saying, “They have been allured and have been forcefully taken away. When the thief is being caught and my property has been recovered, when I am taking back my property what is new in it? If you do not like conversion, bring a law against it.” However, the situation seems to have changed after a reported meeting between Modi and Bhagwat in New Delhi last week.On Sunday, the RSS Supremo said that while other religions of the world teach tolerance, Hindu society has been for years saying that other religions would also have to be accepted.”They (other religions) said that these people (who follow other religion) are not good, but you have to tolerate them, but Hinduism says that you have to accept everybody because everyone has an element of the best,” he said.”This Indian culture, which is a Sanatan culture, teaches us to see the God in everything. We see and address the cow, the tulsi plant and Ganga river as God,” he said. Bhagwat insisted on creating “a strong Hindu society” which is able to repulse any attack against it. What matters is how much prepared we are. Diseases attack everyone, but a strong person can withstand diseases. RSS has taken up the task of building a strong Hindu society and we are not dependent on any past or present government to do it,” Bhagwat said.The three-day RSS mega workers’ conclave was organised at Dastan Farm in Kathwada on the outskirts of the city. “In India, if the Hindu society is in danger, then the country is also in danger, (since) the country is a Hindu country. To conserve this country and make it able to carry out its obligation, it is the responsibility of the Hindu society. All Hindus should unite,” Bhagwat said.”Sangh always says that we have to do our own work rather then depend on others. We don’t even have to depend on the government. The system formed by society will run as per the indications of society. A country where society stands high, the government, political parties everything else will have to provide happiness and prosperity,” he said, adding that the Sangh itself created its own strength.”It is important for Hindu society to become skilled as well as take pride in religion and culture. We have to be concerned about this. Then there is no power in the world which can stop us,” he said. “Even the entire world thinks that India should now become ‘Vishwaguru’ (mentor of the world) because only India can establish peace. Whenever India has risen in the world, conflicts have decreased. We have to bring India to that position once again,” Bhagwat said.”The responsibility of doing this is on Hindu society. We have to be united and strong, because this world looks at a truth which has strength. A truth with strength does not need to advertise itself,” he said. Bhagwat said that the whole Hindu society has to unite for “this holy task” while calling for further strengthening Hindu society’s power.Talking about the Sangh, he said that it is a nation- building organisation which infuses nationalist spirit among the people. “The Sangh has embarked upon this holy task and we will continue it until it is complete,” he said. He also appealed to people to join the Sangh.”Come and join the Sangh. See it from inside and become a Swayamsevak,” he said.

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RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat maintains silence on Ghar Wapsi issue