BJP’s chief ministerial candidate for the upcoming Delhi Assembly Elections, Kiran Bedi on Wednesday took to Twitter to enlist her ‘comprehensive plan’ for women’s safety in the national capital.

And not just the issue of women’s safety, Bedi said she will tweet out steps she would like to take on several issue for Delhi’s development. She tweeted her plan for ensuring safety for women with the hashtag ‘Kiran’s blueprint’.

Kiran Bedi. PTI

In her tweets Bedi said, “Starting today, I’d like to share my blueprint for Delhi’s development. Starting with an issue that is close to my heart — women’s security. I have talked and written about several of these ideas over the years, now encapsulated in a comprehensive 25-point action plan.”

Her steps assume importance against the backdrop of rising crimes against women in the city. The latest case that made headlines when a woman was raped by an Uber cab driver in the middle of the night last year.

Here are the preventive measure Bedi says she plans to take for ensuring safety of women in a city notorious for crimes against women:

Preventive measures:

1) Increased and smart patrolling in vulnerable areas

2) Community policing and neighbourhood watch

3) Safe and healthy nightlife – strengthening of patrolling and police presence in entertainment areas/hubs

4) Stringent driver verification and state-wide centralized criminal database with inter-state coordination

5) CCTV cameras in public areas and buses

6) Home guards and civil defence escorts on buses on vulnerable routes and at non-peak times

7) More ladies-special buses by DTC

8) Street lighting in all areas with surprise inspections and full city accountability

9) Self-defence training to be a part of school and college curriculum with a special emphasis on martial arts

10) Value education in schools and colleges

11) Safety kits including pepper spray, whistles, etc. to be handed out to women

12) Gender sensitivity training to police

13) Punishments for crime against women to be widely publicised

14) Laws and punitive action related to women’s security to be strictly enforced

Specific Corrective Actions:

15) Quick FIR and lodging of complaints

16) A 24/7 special call / response centre for women’s security to be set up

17) Every district to have a dedicated Police Station for women

18) Special women’s security force

19) Sensitive handling of medical & other tests related to crimes on women–hospitals to be trained, special cells organized

20) All existing private SOS apps on mobile apps (such as of the radio taxis and other apps) to be linked to Delhi Police

21) Support groups for victims and their families

22) Fast track courts

Regular Reviews:

23) Regular outreach within constituency by each MLA–jansabhas with people to monitor progress & feedback

24) Monthly joint meetings of representatives of the 6Ps with the Chief Minister

25) Monthly radio address to communicate progress and actions taken

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